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UEA begins by performing the following steps to develop sound programs for our clients. Our sole task is to augment and assist the present management of our client's companies to control increasing costs and improve recycling budgets while concuring with their plant managers, operations managers, purchasing managers, environmental engineers, warehouse managers and administrators through the following process to develop the most advantageous Recycling infrastructure for their facilities.

Step 1 The Audit
  • Perform Detailed Recycling Stream Audits
  • Document Current Services Provided by Vendors
  • Analyze Data and Project Savings
  • Identify All Potential Recyclable Materials
Step 2 Benchmarking Process
  • Summarize Findings of our Recycling Audit
  • Present Database Developed for "Benchmarking"
  • Customer Approval to Establish Baseline
Step 3 Recommendations and Negotiations
  • Institute Approved Changes In Current Services
  • Develop Additional Market Opportunities (Global Material Audit)
  • Negotiate Reduced Prices on Present Services
  • Evaluate existing Infrastructure Efficiencies
  • Budget for Equipment To Improve Infrastructure.
Step 4 Begin Savings
  • Develop Personalized Program Using Customized Reporting
  • Monthly Collection of Data To Analyze Services
  • Document All Processes & Establish New Benchmarks
  • Research Opportunities & Negotiate Services RFP (Request for Proposal)
  • Shepherd in new programs and Alternate Vendors when possible
  • Implement And Manage Monthly Executive Summaries