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Urban Environmental Associates makes historic information available to our clients for budgeting purposes. Our clients simply go to our contacts page of the site and e-mail their request to begin the process for the recovery of archived information. Upon access each individual client will be provided a review of their historic data, and recycling materials description by weight, associated cost, and all comparison data showing the savings by month. All information is stored in pdf format and on secured  Carbonite servers. Please make your request and allow 48 hours for your data request to be fulfilled. Once acquired the data will be forwarded to you either via secured e-mail or Priority Mail.  A small handling and postage fee will apply for this service only for customers that are no longer active clients. Should you require this information sooner please give our office a call during our normal business hours. (7:00 to 6:00 PM PST Monday thru Friday)


Further development of this page will be based on the demand of reporting forms requested by individual clients.